TrainingWhat We Learned About the Human Connection from COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic flipped a switch in the economy. Beginning in March 2020, anyone who could work remotely began doing so. More than a year later, most of these working conditions remain the same, with a large portion of the white-collar workforce still setting up home offices. The impacts of COVID and these sudden and sustained workplace changes have had a profound effect on human connection and employee collaboration.

This social isolation and loneliness can lead to increased mental health issues, including depression, according to the Cambridge University Press, which is a challenging problem for employers to tackle. Employees newly thrust into these working conditions have had to learn how to take their workplace connections and networking to a virtual setting. Employers have had to learn how to update their onboarding and training processes to adapt to the times, which have drained resources and highlighted shortcomings.

These challenges are unprecedented, especially when compounded with the other anxieties that are currently present, such as keeping one another safe from a novel coronavirus, decreasing employee isolation, and increasing employee engagement. Unfortunately, it appears that younger workers and new employees may be feeling the pain of social isolation.

So, what can employers and employees do to mitigate the negative impacts of COVID and strengthen human connection within organizations? Orglearn specializes in solving these problems so that companies can adapt, and workers can thrive. Our expertise lies in employee training and development, and our goal-centered approach has been tailor-made to overcome obstacles that the impact of COVID have had on workplace relationships.

We need to learn from this pandemic and become stronger from it. One lesson we have learned the hard way is that human connection is a vital pillar of growth and success. It is time to make it a top priority. It is prudent that organizations invest in organizational training and leadership initiatives so that employees start to thrive in the “new normal”.


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