DiscriminationRacismStepping up before your customers take a step back and rethink their business relationships

Does the phrase “life can change in an instant” mean more today than before March of 2020? You better believe it does.

We have been forced into a place that has heightened our awareness on many levels. And truth be told many changes that have taken place today have been a long time coming. Especially, I am talking about addressing racism in the workplace. Most importantly HR departments across the board struggle with the topic of racism and how to address it in the workplace.

In my 19 years in the learning and development field, I’ve witnessed many organizations being afraid to address sensitive issues head-on. No good ever comes from avoiding issues or discussions that need to take place. Organizations get destroyed because they are afraid to rock the boat. Today, in our new world, customers/clients want to be associated with organizations that address discrimination issues head-on. They want to do business with companies that celebrate diversity and embrace inclusion. Consequently, this shows that your organization has a culture that includes total equality.

You are only as healthy as your last meaningful training.

We must create safe spaces for employees to talk freely and engage in difficult conversations. And we must stress and train on equality for all…period!

Some organizations are afraid of discussing anything to do with race, sexual orientation, disability, or any other issue that could elicit strong emotions. It is time to wake up and get with the program.

Grow through challenge and education

It is intrinsic for some organizations to play it safe and just talk about things that are homogenized by nature. Therefore people never grow if they are not challenged and educated. I have witnessed discrimination firsthand in many organizations and it always brings the same response……sadness. I am sad that we still live in a world that supports some form of discrimination and hatred.

Until organizations start to educate themselves, their workforce, those in leadership roles……nothing will ever change. Above all the hamster wheel will continue to go in one direction.

Customers will distance themselves. As a result, it will be difficult to hold your employee retention as well as scale and align your business as industries that practice “best standards”.

At Orglearn we offer services and training courses that can help your organization deal with issues of discrimination and racism. In our “EEOC and Diversity Training” for supervisors and those in leadership roles, we offer a meaningful training “Leading for Respect” when addressing diversity in the workplace. As well as “Respect in the Workplace” training for employees—covers such topics as dealing with civility, acceptable workplace conduct, and behaviors that contribute to an inclusive workplace.


For additional information on how to train your workforce and align them with the culture of your organization contact Heidi Carson at Orglearn 585.208.5477 or contact@orglearn.net

Heidi Carson has a successful track record of delivering unique and meaningful educational initiatives that prove to be extremely valuable not only to the organization but to the employee as well. Organizations are concerned about ROI and at Orglearn we make sure to ensure that the organizations see a return on their training and development.

Orglearn is WBE-New York state-certified Women Business Enterprise and NYC Small Business Service Certified.


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